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postproduction STUDIO

production  RentgenFILM has own postproduction studio

Our studio works on creating special effects for video: 3d, 2d, VFX, CG, Motion graphics, Compositing and Retouch. 


Our graphic artists will be able to put you in a minimalist concept of the future or turn an ordinary studio into the Sahara Desert.  And more... they will animate Aivazovsky's painting, add smoke, make the table hang in the air, wipe buildings and people from the face of the earth, or erect entire cities ... And, of course, you can't do without epic explosions in the frame! 

We are a full cycle studio. In other words: color, graphics, sound for your video is created completely "in da house" - in the office of Rentgenfilm. Coordinated team work saves you time. And if you like to personally control everything - always happy to see you as a guest. We promise to feed you delicious cookies!


We value our reputation and fulfill our obligations on time. We know firsthand what the night before the project is, what TTs are needed for the channel and where to find a master of the project a year ago.


Our main principle: we try not to get another client, but a good friend with whom we create beauty together.

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